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JCI Coaching Team

JCI Coaching Team

The Joseph Coaching Team is a Membership subscription arm of The Joseph Coaching International.

The team comprises consultants, trainers, educators, who provide continuing guidance and support to those that require the coaching services of the Company.

At The Joseph Coaching International, our Team works to help our clients to maximize their intellectual assets and increase their overall net-worth.

Membership Benefit

Members enjoy numerous benefits including being paid for each coaching assignment


Annual membership subscription

N20, 000 ($50).

Payment details

Joseph Ibekwe

No: 1005927790

Zenith Bank

Pay online

If you love intellectual coaching, join our team today.

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The Joseph Coaching International – JCI- is an Abuja-based global company committed to helping individuals to maximize their intellectual assets.

We exist to nurture authorpreneurs, leaders and systems thinkers.

We provide personalized and corporate online and offline coaching services as well as function-specific events to our select clientele.

JCI… Maximize your intellectual assets


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