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Shalom Writing Academy

Shalom Writing Academy

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Write a Book!



4 Modules. 15 Topics

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Have you wondered what it is like to write a book of your own?

Did you ever think that writing a book is something only special people can do?

Have you wondered how to create a business out of book writing? 

Have you authored books, and you don’t  know how to turn your writing into a business?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, we’ve got you covered!

Register for this life transforming course, created to show you how to:

Write your book from scratch.
Publish your book.
Market your book.
Build a business from your writing.
Start Podcasting to enlarge your reach.
No matter your level of education, we have designed this course with you in mind.


Jump in right now!

In this course, you will 

Learn basic skills to write your own books in the fiction & non-fiction genres

Acquire skills to publish your own books on different online & offline platforms.

Learn Marketing skills to promote and sell your books, and to create other products from your book.

Learn to create a business out of your book writing – to become an Authorpreneur

Course Platforms: Whatsapp & Zoom

Course Materials will be delivered to you via texts, PDF files, Audios, and videos.  



TOPIC 1.  Book Writing Genres

TOPIC 2.Choosing Categories for your Book

TOPIC 3. How to develop your own writing style

TOPIC 4. Notes on How to write a Paper


TOPIC 5.  Introduction to Autobiography & Memoir Writing

Topic 6.  How to Create Table of Contents – TOC & Book Titles

TOPIC 7.  How to Create book descriptions and book blurbs

TOPIC 8.  How to Create Book Front Matter

TOPIC 9. Preliminary self-editing


TOPIC 10. Self-publishing Options 

TOPIC 11. Preparing Your Book for Online publishing


TOPIC 12. The 4 Stages of Authorpreneur

Topic 13: How to Create Online Presence as an Authorprenuer

TOPIC 14. Book Marketing Fundamentals

Topic 15. Podcasting Made Easy


Submit title of your new book and the Table of Content

Develop a Paper on any Topic of your Choice (1500 words.)

Register your own website/ Host it

Create a Sample Podcast 

Bonus Offer:

Receive One-year free membership of Writers for Development.

Group Author Coaching

Book Writing is a powerful legacy you can leave.

Join this thriving ecosystem of authors to boast you writing career.

 Register for this course.

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Course Fee 

Training: N31, 995 ($82,95)

Coaching: N19, 995 ($51,95)

Total = N51, 990 ($134,90)

You may choose to take the full package or register for only one option, that is, the training or the coaching only!

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Learn to Write Devotionals

April 24 – May 9, 2021 (Saturdays & Sundays – 4:00pm – 5:30pm)

Writing a devotional requires special skills, humility and spiritual insight.  This course shows you how to write:
Thematic Devotional
Topical Devotional
Self-help Devotional


You will learn how to keep Devotional Journal and how to publish and distribute your Devotional.

Duration: 3 Weekends

Course Fee: N14, 995 ($38,95)

Course Platforms: Whatsapp & Zoom

Course Materials will be delivered to you via texts, PDF files, Audios, and videos.  



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