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No matter what you do and where you are, you need other people to succeed. In the new global world we live, you could fast-track your business by leveraging on the knowledge and network with people. These people are doing similar things as you, and others re engaged in different things. Creating ecosystems of mutual growth and prosperity is the global in-thing. This is why we are delighted to welcome you to the DIVE Community.

We know you have something that someone needs for their success. This is your supply. Someone has something you need for your success. This is their supply.

In DIVE, you  bring your supply (your skills, experiences, exposure, and your business), and then you take the supply of others to build your own business. This principle of mutual benefit is what powers the Dive Community.

What is DIVE?

DIVE is an acrostic that describes the business attitude of DIVE Community, which is ‘whatever you need to do’, Do It Very Expeditiously!

D         =        Do

I           =         It

V         =        Very

        =         Expeditiously – fast, prompt, swift!

What is DIVE Community?

DIVE Community is an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs. It’s a thriving community of existing and start-up entrepreneurs; solving different problems, creating jobs, and creating wealth. DIVE Community is built on the premise of elevating and supporting the greater good of all. As a Community, we come together in one accord and purpose.



DIVE Community exists as a networking platform for business creation, products marketing, sales referrals, and business facilitation.  DIVE Community  harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of her members for business and wealth creation. DIVE is a lively self-supporting system that supplies what everyone needs for their growth and prosperity.

The Goal

The Goal of DIVE Community is to help members convert, utilize, and turn their skills, experiences, hobbies, knowledge, products and services into online and offline businesses.

This is achieved through providing continuing skills training, coaching, exposure, business facilitation and networking opportunities to members in support of their businesses and causes. Because entrepreneurs come in different shades and require the support of diverse people for their success, the DIVE Community welcomes entrepreneurs  of diverse backgrounds. This is what makes DIVE unique: we are heterogeneous and enterprising.

We are big as a community, yet we function in small units  to allow special groups to interact closely. Below is the list of categories. Find where you belong and plug in.


DIVE Community Categories.


  1. Web designers; Social Media Marketers; Digital Content Creators.
  2. Writers; Authors, Song Writers, Artists, and Art Marketers.
  3. Fashion dealers & Beauticians.
  4. Educators, Life skills trainers, Life Coaches.
  5. Food service providers.
  6. Home & Office Decorators.
  7. Real estate operators.
  8. Tourism & Travels.
  9. Professionals: Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Medical Personnel, Marketing Consultants, HR, Etc.


What is DIVE Experience?

This is a public event during which new members are formally welcomed into The DIVE Community.  During DIVE EXPERIENCE, Members have the opportunity to share stories about their Before-state and their After-state with prospective DIVE Members.  During this period, members share experience of what their businesses where before joining the Community and what it has become since they joined.

The Dive Experience holds twice in a year. It’s a period of fun, learning, and fan-fare.


How to Access Dive Community

To take a DIVE is to join The Community and you become a DIVEr! 

To join the DIVE Community is free.

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#DIVE Premium 

DIVE PREMIUM is an exclusive Membership section of the Dive Community. It is open to individuals that desire to receive special coaching and supports for their businesses.

Benefits of DIVE PREMIUM

DIVE Premium Members:

  •  Have access to free resources to fast-track their businesses and their causes.
  • Receive support to set up Online Membership Sites that give them recurring income.
  • Have access to the training programs of The Joseph Coaching International at 30% discount
  • Have access to the DIVE EXPERIENCE public events at 50% discount.
  • Have opportunity to promote their services, products, and skills, during DIVE EXPERIENCE, at 50% discount.
  • Have opportunity to Purchase books and other materials at at 20% discount.
  • Attend leadership Training courses at FLED Institute ( at 20% discount

Annual Subscription fee

N20, 000 (US$50)

Join the exclusive Dive Premium now and enjoy the benefits.

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Attributes of The DIVE Community

The community comprise of entrepreneurs and leaders who are:

  • Zealous about creating their own economy by running profitable online or offline businesses.
  • Desirous of leaving LEGACIES by impacting peoples lives through their businesses.
  • Excited about having fun and enjoying a good life.

The 7-Point Portrait of a DIVEr!

A DIVEr is a ….          

  • Problem-solver
  • Business-creator
  • Wealth -creator
  • People -helper
  • Life-enthusiast
  • Community-leader
  • Legacy-Creator

Make the move. Join those who are going where you desire to go.

Receive community support for your business. Receive referrals from community members to increase your sales. Make your skills available to those that need them and are willing to pay you for it. Dive Community is your platform for leverage.

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Join the Telegram group here.



Admission into The Dive Community is free. Once admitted, continuing membership of the Community is free. What it means is that there is no membership renewal fees, except for DIVE PREMIUM members who will only pay their annual renewal fees.

Community Migration

To migrate to the DIVE PREMIUM you pay a one-off sign-up fee of N500 or US$2.

This implies easy access to the [caldera_form_modal id=”CF5f1d83c96077e”]DIVE PREMIUM [/caldera_form_modal] membership. 


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DIVE Community is an initiative of The Joseph Coaching International in collaboration with Fled International Leadership Institute ( and Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (


Suite 35, Vicdondom Plaza (formerly Citi Centa Plaza)

Karu Site, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: +234 (0) 708 015 7176

Welcome to the thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs!


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