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High Impact Leadership  Program

High Impact Leadership Program

High-Impact Leadership  Program

… How to Start from Where You Are…

For Who?

Leaders and professionals that desire to scale up and transit into transformational leadership roles for wider global impact. 

Venue: Online & Onsite

Duration: 5 Weeks ( Aug. 7- Sept 10, 2023)

Leadership is a journey that begins with you. The world around you is in a desperate search for leadership and for leaders. Companies, organizations, and communities are searching for leaders high-impact leaders.

High-impact leaders are also called Transformational leaders. Because leadership begins from the inside of you, I want to take you through the journey of self-discovery of personal capacities and push you into the real world of transformational leaders.

This journey is not faint-hearted. It’s for those who are willing to pay the price for what they truly want to have.

Here is it for you

High-Impact Leadership is an immersive 5-week Coaching and Mentoring Program that engages you in self-discovery, self-study, unlearning, re-learning, and practical discursive sessions that will transform you forever.  

 It is a life-transforming experience that will cause a mindset shift and refocus on what really matters to you, going forward. 

Each Week we explore a new dimension of the 5-part High-Leadership Impact process…

Week One: This week is all about becoming present…

Here and Now!  First, you should acknowledge where you are today. Because moving forward starts with knowing where you are now, we shine a light on the journey that got you to this point. You get time to see things as they are right now, to acknowledge the current reality, and to bring your whole self to this experience.  

Before the week is through, you’ll create your ‘Here and Now’ map so that you have a strong foundation to launch from, as you start to design your future.

Week Two: This week is all about looking ahead to the unlimited possibilities available to you…

This week you start to create the ultimate picture of the life and business you want. This is your permission to dream and reach for the stars as you clarify a new vision. You’ll reconnect with your inspiration. You will learn to destroy the old to create the new, and so too will you harness and focus your passion, enthusiasm, and attention toward the new future, the “prime dream” you wish to create. Breaking through old ways and expanding on what is possible for you.

Week Three: This week is a powerful week where we move into Action…

Knowing where you want to go is one thing… but how do you get there? It takes a level of personal power to make things happen — a level of boldness. During this part of the session, you will start to create your ‘Realisation Map’… this is where you’ll work on the plan for your “prime dream” and on reclaiming your power.  

This is unlike any plan for your business you’ve ever done before and it could be the missing ingredient you’ve been waiting for.  

Because when you connect your intention with your vision, you get a powerful clarity about exactly what you need to do next… and the confidence and enthusiasm to do it!

Week Four: This week you’ll discover how to communicate your message powerfully to your community, customers and team – so that you can make an even bigger impact…

Now you know where you want to go and how to get there… how will you communicate your Vision and your Plan? How will you convey the valuable gift you have to share? Because you have something important to give. And the congruence, enthusiasm, and clarity in your story make all the difference.  

Who do you most want to communicate with? Who is it that you want to make an impact on and create the most difference for?  

This part of the module is all about helping you share and communicate your VALUE in a way that naturally draws people to you.

Week Five: This week is all about YOU…

That’s you. You’re the hero of your own journey. And this is the start of a great future for you.  This week is about breaking through the fears that may be holding you back. Finding ways to get comfortable with the discomfort of “growth” and really refining your mindset for success.  

You can now use your renewed personal power and energy to honour yourself, your creations, your dreams, and visions, and to celebrate what you have achieved… and rejoice in the journey ahead.  

Weekend Residency & Leadership Induction (Sept 8-10)

We will connect with ourselves with gratitude and acknowledge ourselves and those who have traveled this journey with us so far and those who will be by our side as we confidently step into the future.

Fee: $750, inclusive of weekend residency in Abuja & Induction into FLED Institute. 

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My name is Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe. I have more than 25 years of experience as a professional leadership trainer and Coach. I have authored a number of books in leadership and mentoring, including, “The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy: How Individuals Become Public Citizens.”

I’m actually the founder of and President of FLED International Leadership Institute – a professional leadership think tank, which I established in 1999.

I ask you to give me a chance to walk you through the intriguing and fascinating journey that will turn you into a High-impact transformational leader!

For inquiries, WhatsApp: +234-7080157176