How to Block Your Account in Emergency

How To Block Your Bank Account In Case Of Emergency.

*UBA* dial *919*10#  from the mobile line linked to your account

*Fidelity Bank* dial *770*911# from the mobile line linked to your account

*IBTC Bank* dial *909# from   the mobile line linked to your account

*Zenith Bank* dial *966*911#

*First Bank* send Block to 30012 via text message

*Union Bank* send BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123

*Key stone Bank* call 23470020003000

*Sterling Bank* call 070078378464

*GT Bank* *737*51*10#

*Stanbic IBTC Bank* *909# select my bank and select service request then select block card

*EcoBank* text STOP ATM your account Number to 0806326226

*FCMB Bank* call + 2342798800

*Access Bank* call +23412802500

*Polaris Bank* call +2341270850

*Wema Bank* call 08039003700

*Unity Bank* dial *7799*9*phone number linked to the account#

*Note!* _Knowing how to Block your account is very important because in times of emergency running to the bank might be too late more especially during weekend._

*So share as it might help someone.*


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