Live a single life

Live a Single Life

Build your life around the business you love. Build your life around your business. Then build your business around your life.

This is what is meant by living a single life. 

Until you build your life around the business you love, and until your life becomes your business, and your business becomes your life, you are only living a double life.

And nobody becomes truly successful by living a double life.

Organize yourself to live a single life. That’s the secret to your success and longevity.

If you truly love what you do, build your life around it. Build a system around what you do. Create the system in such a way that you are able to enjoy a good life while you work on your business.

Let your income, enjoyment of life, service to God and humanity spring from what you do, which is your business.

Make it your goal from 2022 to begin the process of living a single life.


(C) Joseph Ibekwe

The Creative Coach


My name is Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe. Some of my friends like to call me The Creative Coach. You may simply call me ‘Joe’. I’m a passionate about what I do. I love to help people maximize their personal intangible assets. I offer coaching services to three categories of people: leaders, career professionals and authors. If you are an aspiring author, I will like to help you with your book writing, publishing, and marketing. I will be glad work with you to the point where you are able to make a decent living from your intellectual products. I am a self-publishing author. Originally, I am a journalist of more than 25 years experience. I have helped many people to become self-published authors.

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