Brother Joseph Ibekwe has systemically woven a tapestry of basic structured and consistent Truth for the believer and for helping ministers complete the winning work of evangelism.

Dr. Dennis Odiaka, PMP, SMC.

Pastor, Vessels Church,

Principal Dean, Sovereign School,

Charlotte, NC, USA.

“A professional approach to fulfilling the great commission. Pastor Joseph C. Ibekwe has given us an easy and practicable approach to evangelizing the world. This book – a manual for individual and group evangelism – is timely and the book for the moment”.

Jatau Victor B. Dilli. FCAI

Y’s Men International, Africa North West


The journey to the good life starts with who you know. Connections are important. This book is about an important connection that will change your life forever. It introduces you to someone who can help you roll over and become the best you could be. If you truly desire to enjoy the good life, I ask you to read this book.

It’s scintillating, breath-taking, powerfully engaging and motivational. It is an easy read. You wouldn’t want to drop it until you are at the last page.

Endorsement about the book

“Pastor Joseph C. Ibekwe introduces an inspiring collection of chapters that walks each reader through discovering who they are, why they were created and what they are on earth for”.

Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon

National Director

Rhema Bible Training Centre, Nigeria

“If there is a book that deserves to be called ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, this is it. Pastor Joseph Ibekwe has provided chicken soup to worried souls that really desire to understand the purpose of their lives and are determined to chart the voyage of their lives to safety and blessedness”.

Dr. Sam Amadi, Lawyer, Bible & Leadership teacher