Take Charge of Your Life


New from Author Coach,  

Joseph C. Ibekwe

What do you want to make out of your life? How would you like to be remembered after you’ve gone? Are you doing what bears your signature – what reflects your identity?  Can you truly say,”I’m giving my best to life”? 

This book takes you through a lonely road of self-discovery. 

Once you discover yourself, then you can explore your potentials and become the best you were created to be.


You need to create your own economy.

Learn how to do it!


Read this book and be transformed! 

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About the Book

There is something about you that commands attention. Have you wished someone told you that life isn’t fair? Were you told life is lived between the valley and the mountaintop?  Welcome to the real world where regrets don’t count, but street wisdom answers to street puzzles.

In this book, leadership coach Joseph Ibekwe shares powerful secrets that will radically re-shape your perspective.

Joseph draws from his more than 25 years’ experience raising leaders to inspire you to:

Quit complaining and whining;

Take charge of your own life;

Create something that bears your signature for posterity;

Generate ‘sweat equity’ for your own success;

Pursue your own dreams, without joining the Rat Race;

Deal with disappointments in business transactions.

Take Charge of Your Life is a gift of love to you; selectively packaged, carefully organized, and lovingly presented to give you stability for a successful life. Read it!  Act on what you learn and become a person of impact!