Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

You have a story. Tell it.

Your life is full of stories. Only you know yourself more than anyone else. Only you know your life’s story. It’s time to tell it.

Don’t be ashamed of your life’s story. To be ashamed of your story is to be ashamed of your life. And to be ashamed to share your life’s story is to deny others opportunity to learn from your story. And this is the highest form of selfishness.

Don’t be selfish. Don’t hide your story. Tell it as raw as it might be. It could be a turning point for someone else’s life.

You went through all that you went through so that your story will be an object lesson for someone else.

My story is chequered. I have gone through horrible times; of lack, of rejection, of isolation, of deprivations, of hunger, of self-doubt, of contemplated suicide. Yes! I have gone through them all, and more. Yes! That’s me!

But, you know what? I’m still standing. I’m still an inspiration to many.

And my life is not yet done. I am still on the journey.

What’s your story? Tell it! Someone needs to read your story to receive inspiration and encouragement to enable them pull through what they are passing through at the moment.

This is part of my story. Let me read part of your story 😁

©️ Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe
Leadership & Life Coach

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My name is Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe. Some of my friends like to call me The Creative Coach. You may simply call me ‘Joe’. I’m a passionate about what I do. I love to help people maximize their personal intangible assets. I offer coaching services to three categories of people: leaders, career professionals and authors. If you are an aspiring author, I will like to help you with your book writing, publishing, and marketing. I will be glad work with you to the point where you are able to make a decent living from your intellectual products. I am a self-publishing author. Originally, I am a journalist of more than 25 years experience. I have helped many people to become self-published authors.

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