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Writers for Development

Writers for Development

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Writers for  Development – W4D – is a social enterprise movement created to connect and inspire African authors and writers to create works that promote Africa among Africans and beyond. W4D is also an ecosystem of content creators, authors, writers, Book Cover Designers, Editors, and others in the book creation and marketing value chain.

The initiative is borne out of the belief that African Writers and Authors, through their creative works, have the power to breakdown boundaries and promote sustainable human development in Africa.

W4D key objectives:

  1. To serve as platform for the exchange of ideas and honing of skills among Authors, Writers and other content creators.
  2. To encourage African authors and writers to produce works that reflect their peculiar environments in order to promote understanding, peace, tolerance and development in Africa.
  3. To help create a pool of African Authorpreneurs by maximizing their intellectual assets.
  4. To support aspiring authors, particularly children, to develop interest in writing.

 W4D major activities are to:

  • Organize writers hang-outs.
  • Arrange Authors Exchange programs.
  • Organize Writing workshops for aspiring authors including children.
  • Establish Writers Residency and host events that enhance the competence, competitiveness and profitable engagements of content creators.


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