The Joseph Coaching Team

Coaching is an incredibly supportive professional practice. Good life coaches are in high demand worldwide.  Most often, coaching teams deliver premium services to clients.

Joseph Coaching Internationalis a global company committed to helping individuals maximize their competencies.We specialize in leadership mindset coaching, Business Development, Authorship, and lifestyle coaching.

We provide personalized and corporate online and offline coaching services and function-specific events to our select clientele.

We offer premium services to our global clients, working through our rich membership of life Coaches.

If you are serious about taking your coaching to a higher level, we invite you to sign up as a member of the Joseph Coaching Team.

Our Team comprises consultants, trainers, and educators, who work to help our clients maximize their potential and their worth.

Membership Benefit

Members enjoy numerous benefits including payment for each coaching assignment they undertake on behalf of JCI.

Annual subscription:N20,000 ($50).

Pay online

We look forward to welcoming you into The Joseph Coaching Team.

JCI… Maximize your intangible assets