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Ogochukwu Igwebuike
Ogochukwu IgwebuikeDynamics of Coaching & Mentoring Course Participant

"I must say the course was an eye opener to another side of life I have never seen as necessary which is mentoring, I have always heard people mention it but I have always seen it as something youths go for in Churches.

"I just completed my PhD program but in all that I never thought that a mentor will make any difference in getting me in the right direction business or career wise or set one up for greater achievements.

But now, with this course, I know better and have gotten myself a mentor.
Thank you for the course".

Dr. Anuli Ogbuagu, fpl
Dr. Anuli Ogbuagu, fplDynamics of Coaching & Mentoring Course Participant

"Dynamics of Coaching and Mentoring is a course everyone needs to enroll in. I just completed and got my Certificate of Course Completion. In four days, it was engaging and impactful, and I now have the tools to mentor and coach others".

Leadership Mindset Coaching

We are strong in leadership mindset coaching working with our clients to understand how to deal personal and public leadership.

Business & Corporate Coaching

JCI Strategy is to help our corporate clients to transform their businesses for maximum profitability

Author Coaching

Through our Book Wring and self-publishing Course and other specialized programs, we work with budding and established to authors to complete their books and get them published.

Lifestyle Coaching

Through specialized articles and programs, we help you enjoy a great life while making money through your work.

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Tell Your Story

You have a story. Tell it. Your life is full of stories. Only you know yourself more than anyone else. Only you know your life’s story. It’s time to tell it. Don’t be ashamed of your life’s story. To be ashamed of your story is to be ashamed of your life. And to be ashamed …

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Truth Empowers You

Truth Empowers You You have a life to lead, and it is one life. Why not live it in full and to the best possible quality? You owe your a responsibility to decisions on the kind of life you want to lead. Your life is built around four things. What you know to be the …

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Think Humanity

Think Humanity Whatever is your job, profession, trade or calling, you must think Humanity. Humanity is the crown 👑 of God’s creation. If you give respect to crowns made by humans, shouldn’t you rather give greater respect to the crown of God on the earth. Thinking humanity means thinking about people; about their needs, their …

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