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Life is about impact. Christianity is supposed to transform the world through impact. Impact is tangible. There are dimensions of impact: spiritual, social, economic and political impacts.

For too long, the church and Christians have concentrated on making spiritual impacts. It’s time to diversify. Greater impacts can only be achieved through partnerships, collaborations, convergence, networks, flexibility, initiative, and innovation. The Church needs to change the way she does things! Yes, each of us is created to make impact – positive impact in our world. We are inherently resourced to do good things. We have abilities and skills that could be harnessed to change situations around us. As individuals, we can achieve great things; but working together with others, we will achieve more.

In this down-to-earth book, How to Do More by Being More, Joseph Ibekwe puts you on the edge as he gets you to question what you do with your life, how you do things and why you do them.

The book pushes you out of your denominational comfort zone into a new realm of social impact as you leverage on others. The book shows how the Church can do this in our new world. 


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“This new book titled “How To Do More By Being More” is consistent with the author’s interest in Christian social impact and the propagation of the Kingdom of God. It addresses the issues of Christian identity, integrity and consistency. It calls on Shepherds to feed the flock of Christ rather than feeding fat on the flock.

“The book calls for Christian unity across theological, liturgical and geopolitical divides. And as the title suggests, it challenges Christians individually and the Church corporately to ‘do more’ and achieve more by ‘being more’ of what God wants them to be.

“I commend this easy to read and inspiring book to all who would live a more productive and impactful life, and to those concerned about the relevance of Christianity and Christians to the building of great societies and nations”.

John Dara

Pastor and Statesman

“I can best describe this book, authored by Joseph Ibekwe as an antidote to the mis-conception on how Christians should be holistically relevant in the world; spiritually, socially, economically and politically. It candidly identifies as well as provides recipes for the problems of the Church in Nigeria, in particular.

“The author speaks truth to the body of Christ as he decries the lack of collaboration and “silos-attitudes” of Churches operating in the Country.  The essence is for the Church have a common goal towards fulfilling her Christ-centred mandate, which is to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.  This book urges the unity of the Church emphasizing that Believers must be socially responsible and transformative in the society. It is a must read for all Christians”.

Obadiah Tohomdet, Hfi

CEO ,Simans Strategic Communications Ltd

Abuja – FCT.


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