“It is a great addition to effort toward understanding the fundamentals of good and transformative leadership and a guide to how to offer such leadership in contemporary Nigeria, a nation in dire in need of transformative leadership”.

Dr. Sam Amadi, lawyer, scholar and leadership instructor

“Joseph Ibekwe has woven together…two critical issues of our time, leadership and citizens’ participation in a democracy. He has provided a thought-provoking expose on how political leadership determines national development and how citizens endeavour to practice democracy”.

Prof. Gidado Tahir, University of Abuja



Leaders determine the pace of development.

This book shows you how they do it!

One of the greatest gifts of any society is the gift of responsible political leadership. Nations are not great because they have natural resources, but because they have visionary and pragmatic political leaders.

Sometimes, citizen hate politics because of what politicians do, but what they don’t realize is that every citizen also plays politics each day of their lives. This incredible book talks about what leaders do and the politics that citizens play but don’t call it politics.

Enjoy this book as you to take a ride through carefully organized chapters. It’s a good read and collector’s piece.

“This book attempts and succeeds in defining qualities of good leadership and the participatory rights of citizens of a nation in democracy”.

Prof. Bart NnajiFAS, CON, NNOM

“If you are in any way concerned about leadership, and the future of Nigeria, you owe it to yourself to read this book”

Dr. Mrs.) Uche Onokala,

University of Lagos, Nigeria