Take a Walk!

Take a Walk!

Take a walk away,
From the noise and bustle of the day.
Walk back into the quiet recede of yourself.
Commune with you that lives inside.
Converse, chat, talk, laugh.

Take a walk away,
From the rate race and rustling of passerbys.
Discover what matters to you.
What makes you happy.
What you ought to be, but haven’t yet.

Talk a walk away,
From friends that fiend.
Stand off and watch.
Observe but don’t say a word.
Lest your word will wound.

Take a walk away,
Into the meadows and gardens.
Feel the gentle breeze over your hair.
Smell the fragrance of the rose, the bloom of lilies, the beauty of hibiscus.
Stand and look up, look into the horizon of life.

Take a walk away,
Into your tomorrow.
What do you see?
What is the look of tomorrow?
Does tomorrow excite or scare you?
Create the tomorrow today.
By what you do and neglect to do.
Every day counts.

Take a walk away,
Into yourself and muse.
But don’t murmur.
Don’t let the outside decide your inside.
Protect the person inside to serve you into the future.

As you take a walk away,
Your steps must be strong and firm.
Your eye fixed, your faith resolute.
Never to budge at the jeers and mocks of naysayers.
They have their say,
You get things done.
You leave a legacy,
They leave emptiness.
Take a walk into yourself!

(C) Joseph C. Ibekwe

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