Fear Not

Fear Not!

As the wicked prospers, and wickedness rises in fearsome crescendo,
Like an angry wave of the sea.
Fear not!
For it soon comes down, disappears.
For it cannot be sustained by what gave it rise.

As the voice of impunity grows louder, stronger and steady,
Like the roaring of a lion in the jungle.
Fear not!
For it shall soon cease.
For whatever begins must end.

Oh helpless one!
Go ahead.
Lament your loses, but lose not your voices.
For the voice of conscience will swallow the rod of violence.

As darkness gather and thickens,
Bringing fear and trepidation,
So shall the sun break forth
Bringing forth light, driving away darkness and doom.
The wicked shall wane and wither
The helpless shall rise again.
Nature must take its course,
In the course of time.
Fear not, oh compatriot!

(C) Joseph C. Ibekwe

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