A City on a Hill

A City on a Hill

Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe


You are a City on a Hill. Therefore, you cannot be hid. You’re the light. Therefore you’re a threat to darkness. Darkness represents whatever does not promote peace, stability and inclusive development in society. Whatever you do to prevent others from enjoying what is due to them is darkness. Light brings happiness to all, and makes everyone have opportunity to see clearly and maximize their potentials.

You’re the solution your society is yearning for. Therefore arise and offer yourself.

Enough of passing the buck – blaming others. It’s time to wake up. Light up your immediate environment – your circle of influence. Be a builder, and not a destroyer. Be a unifier of our people on the common heritage of your nation – a nation where peace and justice reigns. This is your mandate, it is your assessment.

Are you a builder or a destroyer? A unifier or a divider? What does justice mean to you? What you do others, if they do it to you, will you rejoice over it? When you deny people opportunities due to them in public service because they are not from your tribe, religion or region, if such opportunities are denied you on such basis, will you rejoice and be happy over it?

Wake up! Enough of hiding under religion and tribe to destroy your society. Light is light! Darkness is darkness! If you still don’t understand the difference, lock the doors in your room at 8pm. Turn off the light switches. Darkness will come. Move around to do whatever you normally do: read a book, walk around, and more. How easily do you do those things? Turn on the switches again. Light comes! Go ahead now and do whatever you normally do. How easily can you do them?

This might seem pedestrian, but it’s simple enough to illustrate the distinction between light and darkness. Light brings development. When we do things right and do the right things, development is the outcome. When we do things wrong, underdevelopment is the outcome. Doing the wrong thing is when we deliberately deny people opportunities due to them because they don’t belong to us. When we allow people who don’t have the skills, competence and character to take up jobs they are not qualified to take, because they are related or connected to us; that is wrong, and it promotes under-development.

Wake up people! The light is here. You’re that light. Shine forth! Do the right things. Do things right. Give opportunity to whoever it is due. Don’t deny them. Life thrives on opportunities. Without opportunities people cannot fulfill their destinies. When you deny people opportunities, you help frustrate and eventually destroy their destiny. And anyone who destroys other people’s destiny is a murderer. Murderers are agents of darkness. Darkness is evil and should not be celebrated.

Leaders are light bearers. Transformational leaders are not only light bearers, they light up the lives of others, so that society is flooded with lights. Whose life are you lighting up? Nobody hates light, except those who do evil, because they don’t want their evil deeds to be exposed. Nobody loves darkness, except those who do evil. At every turn of your life, you’re either projecting light or projecting darkness. There is no middle ground, and don’t deceive yourself.

Your society is as developed as the amount of light projected by the people. Your society is as underdeveloped as the amount of darkness projected by the people – both leaders and the led. Stop running to other countries that you refer to as “developed”, where you consider “things are working”. Nothing works except you work it. Shine light in your country by doing things right and your own society will also become developed. That’s how nature works. Stop fighting nature. Do what is right and get it right. Keep doing what is wrong and you keep harvesting the outcomes – poverty, misery, insecurity, outrageous unemployment, no electricity, no quality Medicare, dangerous highways; you name them. Work your country and your country will work.

You’re a City on a Hill. You can’t be hid. You’re in your society to shine forth light – to bear light and light up others. Be light and you will see your society develop, because light brings development. Darkness brings underdevelopment. Both of them, development and underdevelopment are a product of what you do, in small bits. Not a product of what someone, somewhere has done to you. It’s time to take responsibility. Stop blaming others and start doing the right thing, from where you are right now.

Leaders are light bearers. Are you a leader? Then shine forth the light!

Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe
Lead Coach
@ The Joseph Coaching International

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