How to Deal with the Muds and Slings of Life

How to Deal with the Muds and Slings of Life


In your journey of destiny, mud and slings will be thrown at you by friends, family, enemies, colleagues and strangers. You will be misunderstood. But you have to be strong!

You don’t always need to fight back. You don’t always need to explain everything to be understood.

You only need to focused on where you are headed. Try not to take issues personal and don’t let your personal ego stand in the way of where you are going. Once you allow your ego to be punctured by the mud and slings, you will never arrive at your destination. The purpose of the muds and slings is to make you think you are nobody and that you should abort that journey. If you were truly sent on this journey, don’t quit, unless the one that sent you says, quit or says, stop.

Let go of your ego, and stay focused on the journey ahead of you. Remember where you you are headed and what you hope to accomplish. Be guided by that.

Work hard to stay on your own course. You will certainly arrive at your destination.

Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe

Leadership Coach

@ FLED Institute, Abuja



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