Think Humanity

Think Humanity

Whatever is your job, profession, trade or calling, you must think Humanity.

Humanity is the crown 👑 of God’s creation. If you give respect to crowns made by humans, shouldn’t you rather give greater respect to the crown of God on the earth.

Thinking humanity means thinking about people; about their needs, their aspirations; their desire to become better, their dream of enjoying good and healthy life.

It means thinking about peoples desire to enjoy peace and safety 🦺; about their desire to be free and do something important with their lives.

It also means thinking about how you can help other people to meet the needs in their lives in any way you can. If you think about humanity and you build your work around helping humanity, then you become God’s asset enhancer. The reason is simple.

Not only is humanity the crown of God’s creation, human beings are the greatest asset of God on earth; not minerals, not anything else. Therefore, if you are committed to working to help individuals maximize their lives, it means you are in the business of human asset improvement. This principle to humans being wherever they might live in the earth.

The simple indestructible law of nature states: “What you sow is what you reap”; This means you can never end up in life as a liability. You sowed to improve other peoples lives, your life, being an asset, will definitely appreciate.

If you think Humanity, it changes the way you deal with issues of life. It will change your attitude towards people, towards money, material things, etc. It will help you to place people above things.

Think Humanity and watch your life blossom.

©️Dr. Joseph C Ibekwe
Leadership & Life Coach


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