Your Author Journey

Your Author Journey

Being an Author involves three aspects of you.It involves your heart, your head and your hand.

The journey into authorship should begin from your heart, otherwise you will fail in delivering a captivating message through your book.

From your heart flows the issues of life. Until your heart is properly conditioned to write, you can’t do an effective job.

From your head flows your intellectual juice which you can squeeze out and transfer unto the pages of a book, but your message will settle on the intellectual plane of your reader. If you desire to make a heart-connection with readers through your book, you need to align your heart properly.

In aligning your heart properly, there are a few things you need to know and resolve to do.

You need to:

1. Understand why it is important to write a book.

2. Understand what authors do to the society.

3. Recognize what writing or authorship can make of you.

4. What is the greatest tool of an author and how authors treat this special tool.

Building your capacity to be an author begins from your Heart.

You already have the intellectual capacity, which is in your Head

It is with your hands you write on paper or knock the keypads of your laptop or desktop.

There are four levels of authorship.

The theoretical authors

These are the academics that research, organize information and publish as books. They are fixated with their theories and philosophies. They do a good job, but how many academic authors are rich?

The tactical authors
These are the “how to”, “step-by-step”, “nuts-and-bults” authors. There are many how to do books, videos and podcasts. In real life, tactics alone does not change lives. They don’t inspire people into sustainable action.

Transformational Authors

These are authors in-depth authors. They make a connection between their content and the change their readers want to see in their lives. If you write a book on How to Do Physical Exercising, for instance, and you connect it to looking good, feeling better, increasing confidence and energy; then the reader starts to get more interested. The reason is that you are answering the all important question of “what this, and why does this matter?”

Authors who write from this stand point captive their readers and draw them into themselves.

Transcendental Authors

Here you lift people up and connect them to their meaning and purpose – to change the way they want to be seen in the world. You connect them to become the best version of their lives: of who they are and why they should become their best.

Before you begin to write, consider at what level of authorship you want to operate. This will help you organize your thoughts along that line and choose your words and phrases to fit.

When I say authors create cultures and influence cultures, I am actually referring to transformational and transcendental Authors.

My job is to help you identify what level of Authorship you want to devote your attention to, then I will invite you for a deepen engagement for further training and coaching.

You can be a great Author! I’m here to guide you along the way.

(C) Joseph Ibekwe­
The Creative Coach

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