How to Publish on Amazon

How to Publish on Amazon

by Joseph C. Ibekwe


Many armature authors desire to publish their books online, but don’t know how to get started. Of  course there are several online platforms where you can publish your book, but the largest of the them all is Amazon. If you wonder how to get your book on amazon platform, follow this guide.

  1. Log into Amazon Kindle platform
  2. Create an account, the same way you create account on facebook
  3. You will be led to your author platform
  4. Read and follow the instructions to complete your details
  5. To format your book, you may need to download Kindle Create and use it to format your book
  6. Then you can upload your edited book from your system unto the platform
  7. Next you to need upload your book cover
  8. You are to complete other details about the book including, categories, genres, and cover price.
  9. You could publish only the –ebook copy or also publish the paperback.

Please note, there are other tiny technicalities that you may need to complete.

If you have issues, send me a mail and I will be glad to support you:


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