How Money Changes Your Life

Money in Power! Money for Power!

How to put money where it belongs

It’s potent.
It’s powerful
It works!
Give money to a fool, you buy his soul, you buy his conscience, you buy his mouth, you buy his destiny.

Give money to a fool, he will die for you, but won’t live for himself or die for himself.
Money works terrible wonders in the life of a fool. Money blinds the fool and drives him faster to hell than the devil can.

Give money to the wise, he will thank you; he will appreciate you deeply because you have given him a tool for liberation.
The wise will use money to build lives, to build destinies, to build people who have independence of their own voice.

Money enables the wise to empower other people who do not necessarily have to sing for him, live for him, follow him about, or die for; but people who can live for their own values, espouse their own views, and make a mark in their own rights as individuals, not as appendages of someone else.

Money is the fool’s bondage; money is the wise man’s liberty.
Money is the albatross of politics in Africa, nay, in Nigeria. I have seen folks change their language when money stepped in.

Money is the oil that drives the wheel of Governance, forward or backward.
When money and power are placed in the hands of wise leaders or wise politicians; society smiles and prospers. When money and power are placed in the hands of bad politicians and bad leaders, they drive society nuts. They use money to promote divisions in the society as they give public money to private fool’s who become powerful and above the law.

Money in power! How has it changed the way you see society?
(C) Joseph C. Ibekwe
Leadership Coach
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