Are You An Author?

Are You An Author?

It’s an incredible privilege to be called an author. It is the most honourable thing you can become.

Do you know why?

An Author is an originator, a Creator of ….

You are almost in the class of God as an author. Don’t get flabbergasted with this. And don’t think it’s blasphemous.

I will show in a short while…

 Author is the short form for *authority*. As an author, you are an authority on the matter you have written about because you are the originator, the creator.

Authorship is about stamp of ownership.

God is the first author. He wrote the ten commandments on tablets of stone and gave them to Moses. So, if you want to be an author after the manner of the first author, you need to go to him for some coaching.

Jesus is called the *author* of  faith. He is the originator of our faith. He is an authority on the matter of faith.

So, if you want to be an authority is any field, you need to get to the person in authority in that field to coach you.

Writing is not just about organizing pieces of information together in some sequential arrangements in book form, and asking people to buy, because you have authored a book.

It’s more than that.

You must reproduce yourself in your book. Your book is an extension of who you are, what you believe, your values, even your personal preference.

When God, through the Holy Spirit began to breath upon men to write the scriptures, it was God pouring himself out into pages of paper. As you read the Bible, for instance, you will see the nature, the character, and the preferences of God. You haven’t seen God before, physically, but you have seen him and known him from the pages of the scriptures.

That’s what authorship means.

In the same way, when you write a book, someone reading you should be able to see you and feel you on the pages of that book.

Do you really want to be an author? It’s something transcendental than arranging sentences, paragraphs and chapters to form a book.

Authorship is life transforming.

You can do it.

 Joseph C. Ibekwe

The Creative Coach



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