A Book More than a Product

A Book More than a Product

A book is an intellectual product. It is a product of creative thinking, painstaking writing, skillful packaging, deliberate marketing, and consistent sales to guarantee continuous cash flow.

But a book is not a single product. It’s actually many products in one. A book can be regard a raw product because from a single book can spring up several other products, each able to generate income, much more than the book itself.

The ability to create several products from a single book and organize them together in a steady cash is what authorpreners do.

Open up. Begin to write. But before you write, think about all possible by-products that could come out of that book. This thought will guide you as you begin to write, in terms of language, chapterisation and packaging.

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Joseph Ibekwe
The Creative Coach

PS:. *Next tip*

We shall discuss possible by-products of a single book.

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