I’m a Kingdom Personality

I am a Kingdom Personality!


I know who I am. I know where I came from. I know where I am going. I know what I represent.

I am not an activist. I am not a social commentator. I am an Ambassador. I have dual citizenship. I am a kingdom personality. I am in Nigeria on diplomatic posting. I represent Kingdom values.

Because of my current posting, I am concerned about what concerns my home country. I am also concerned about what concerns my country of posting.

My diplomatic mandate is to promote peace and understanding between my home country and my country of posting.

I take strong exceptions to anything that seeks to undermine the interest of my two countries. I am a go-between, working to maintain cordial relationship between my two countries and their people.

I seek not fame, I crave not recognition. I’m committed to my diplomatic briefs.

I came from God to serve humanity, beginning in Nigeria and beyond. I serve through the organizations that my home country has helped me to create.

I am Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe
A kingdom personality.

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