Life and Death

Life and death

Living and dying are part of your journey on earth. You should be mindful of how you live and also mindful of how you will die.

If you’re not afraid to live, you shouldn’t be afraid to die. If you can find time to discuss life and living, you should also make out time to discuss about dying and death.

If you live well, you should look forward to dying well. If you lived badly, you should look forward to dying badly.

Many atimes, people spend time pursuing life and forget that death is part of their journey.

If you are concerned about what people will say about you while you live, have you wondered what they will be said about you if you die today?

What does it mean to live well? The best way to describe a life well-lived is to consider the number of people your life has impacted, outside of your immediate family circle.

You’re created to make impact in the lives of others. The best way to describe a life badly-lived is to consider the number of people your life has destroyed by whatever means. If you have lived badly, don’t expect to be well-spoken of after death.

If you are living well by being a blessing to your society and community, don’t be afraid of death. Much more so, if you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Don’t be afraid of death. But don’t hasten your death by making irresponsible decisions and adopting challenging health lifestyle.

A life well-lived is a joy to those you leave behind. May those that your life has impacted thank God for your life when you cross over to the other side.

Don’t let a day pass you bye without your thinking about the life you’re living and the death you will die.

Are you living well? Are you helping others live well? Life gives at death, what you gave to it.
It’s not exactly what may cause death, it’s more of what your death means to those that came in contact with you while you lived. That’s what matters. It’s not about how long you lived, it’s about the impact you made while you lived.

Think about impact. Think about death, not with fear, but without courageous joy of a life well-lived.

Live well to die well.

©️Dr. Joseph C Ibekwe
Leadership & Life Coach

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