Write a Book, Make Impact, Make Money

There are 3 things involved in book Writing. You, Publishing & Marketing.

1. Writing is about you.

2. Publishing is about the book

2. Marketing is about the reader.

As an aspiring or existing author, you need to understand how these work togerher for a successful writing career.

Writing is about how you organize your thoughts into words and putting those words together in a form that makes sense to your reader.

Publishing is about packaging the book in such a way that it’s attractive to someone to want to buy it. It is also about the platforms you utilize to present the book for public consumption.

Marketing is about the things you do to convince a potential reader to actually agree to part with their money in exchange for your book. Marketing is also about how you brand yourself with respect to your career as an author.

As an author, these three aspects must engage your attention: to work on yourself for improvement; to find best ways to package your book, beginning from your cover design; and then developing tools and platforms to market your book.

These are the three fundamental aspects this course is designed to help you accomplish.

*Book Writing & Self-publishing Course,* is for you that desires to give your writing career a professional attention, to grow yourself into an authorprenuer.

I’m an Amazon author. I’m a journalist. I’m a trainer. I’m a coach. I’ve done this for 25 years. I have the experience and I’m patient to coach you and to work you through the process of getting your book from idea level to finished book.

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