One Day!

One Day

One day. Yes, one day.
You’ll be gone! Yes, gone to the other side.
One day. Yes, one day. You won’t post on your Facebook wall or social media platforms.

Someone will announce something about you. That you have gone.
One day, on that day. What will people say about you?

Many will say, ” May your soul rest in peace”!
That means you have a soul.
That means people recognize that a soul deserves rest.

On that day! That final day!
When you move to the other side.
Your soul will begin another journey.

From that day.
The day you go to the other side.
You can’t decide whether your soul will have rest or not.

On that day! That day you cross over.
Nothing your friends or enemies will do can determine if your soul will have rest or not.

Today is the day.
The day to determine if your will have rest or not, after that day.
Today is the day of decision.
Today is your day to decide if your soul will have rest or not.
When that day comes!

That day is appointed for everyone.
It’s appointed for me, appointed for you!
Nothing you have can change the reality of that day.
No academic degree or political position can alter the inevitability of that day.

Only you can decide what happens to your soul after that day.
Today is the day of decision.
Today you can choose to give your soul rest after that day
Or lt your soul be restless for ever.

There’s only one guarantee for that day.
That day when you cross over to the other side.
The guarantee is in a person.
The person has a name.
Many have heard of that name
Many don’t believe in that name

But as many as believe in that name
They are given the power to have a restful soul, now after that day.
That name is, Jesus Christ!
Once you believe in that name.
The power in that name is activated in you.

One day! Yes one day!
Your soul will be judged based on what you did with that name today!
Believe in that name today
So that that day will be restful for your soul.

(c) Joseph Ibekwe

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