You Can Do More

You Can Do More

You’re created for more: to learn more, to experience more, and to do more with your life. The more you apply your life to worthy causes, the more worthy your life turns out.

Begin by applying yourself to a worthy cause initiated by someone else. From there you advance to a cause that you initiate. And while begin and continue in the cause you initiated, never stop to support other worthy causes being championed by others lower or higher than you.

We are created for connection. The more connected you are, the more worthy your life turns out. The reason is that life is a product of your association. Identify with those going where you desire to go. Latch on to them and walk with them. Share moments and thoughts with them as you walk along. That way, you learn from them as they learn from you. You get better, they better; by reason of the association, and everyone eventually gets better. That’s how we grow.

Never be in association and you’re not contributing to the growth and sustenance of that association. Nature is designed to function on the principle of give and receive or contribution. Give what you have per time, and at any point in your life, there’s something you have that you can give or share with others. To say “I don’t have anything to give” is to deny the gift of God in your life and to say, there is no more reason for you to be alive. Those who lead a fruitful quality life are those who always think in terms of “I want to contribute. I want to give. I want to share”. The more you think this way, the more the forces of nature pour into you, more grace and resources to give and to share.

Life is beautiful and rewarding when lived with the simple mindset of contribution. Always ask yourself this question: “What can I contribute! What am I contributing?” You contribute to where belong because it is part of what makes you a responsible human being, not because you are asked to contribute.

Contribution is the core mental attitude of transformational leaders. Until you have contributed in the small things, you are not likely going to contribute in the big things. And by the way, what are the things you have that you could contribute?

You have time, make yourself available to the cause you’re associated with; you have skills, teach others; you have experience, share it with others; you have money, give away some, every now and then; you have connections, make them available to those that need them to advance their lives and career – give someone an unsolicited referral. Give a word of encouragement, of advice of hope to someone struggling with their lives or dream. Be a part of someone else’s success story.

Contribution doesn’t mean you have to become a famous philanthropist. Give the little you have right now as a seed into the life of someone or an organization. That seed must produce in due season and multiply. Don’t wait until you have it big before you give. Contribute the little you have right now, then when the big comes along, you can also give big.

In any relationship you are in or association you belong to, ask yourself this question: what is my contribution to this relationship or association that is worthy of causing the relationship or association to grow and blossom?

You’re created for more. Give more and do more.

Decide to live a full life by being a worthy contributor to the success story of someone else’s life. That’s part of what it means to be a transformational leader.


Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe

Leadership Coach

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