How to Protect Yourself Against Inflation

How to Protect Yourself Against Inflation

Inflation is an inevitable economic situation that does come, and oftentimes, gives you not notice. Prices of goods and services are always on the rise, and they never rise to come down below where they took off.

Every upward shift or rise in cost of goods and services ushers in a moment for a shift in equilibrium. You must adjustment to accommodate the new reality. This is the way it goes.

😭 Complaining about inflation does not help, neither does it add value to your life. Whether you like it not, whether you prepare for it or not, inflation must come. And when it comes, it will knock at your door. What are you going to do?

One of the ways to protect yourself against inflation. It is to own your own earning power. Be in-charge of your earning power. Being on employment is good, but you are not in charge of your earning. Therefore, you should consider how to augment your full employment earnings. There are things to do, to help sharpen your current skills-set to enable you multiply your value in the market place.

Another way to protect yourself from inflation is to a run a business that does not require heavy overhead or running cost.

The self-education knowledge industry is the safest place to be. Your experiences and story could become real source of earning for you, requiring little or no overhead. According to research, the self-education industry is currently worth over $300 billion/annum. In fact, it is reported to be a $1b/day industry. The self-education industry got it’s greatest boost during and after COVID-19.

If you’re not tapping into this industry, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the vagaries of inflation.

As a coach, locked deep in the self-education industry, we can assist you to find your voice, locate your niche, show you how to offer value to the market place, for extra income.

Self-education is a bridge-builder. We help people to learn faster through experience-sharing. We show you how to do it. You go on to do it. And get results that will astound you. There’s no age-limit. There is no minimum academic qualifications. All you need to hire a coach, and the is journey of laughter, of greater liberty, greater income, and happiness.

Just hire a coach.

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