Asymmetry of Life

Asymmetry of Life

By Joseph Ibekwe


Sometimes it’s like a hoax, a dream!

It’s here today, right now!

Suddenly, it’s gone. Yes gone!

You plan! You wish! You even brag!

You attain! You achieve, you even become!

Alas! It escapes your grips!


Life is a mystery!

It’s simple, yet complicated.

You live it once; yet you must live it on.

While you have it, live it!


Nothing to worry about!

Nothing to brag about!

Nothing to show off, to impress!

Do what you can, while you live!

Don’t live to impress, to achieve, to become!

It’s all a hoax!

When you think you have it. Alas, it has you.


Live to fulfill – yes to fulfill purpose, God’s purpose.

Live to manifest – yes manifest God!

It’s really not your life.

Why take it too seriously?


Cease the fighting! Cease the hustling! The slaving and the pushing!

Just live.

Make your needs simple!

Mind your business. Let your business mind you.

The business of living is the most important of all businesses.

Be sober, but somber.

Bless, not impress.

Life is asymmetric


Joseph C. Ibekwe


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