How to Deal with Shame

How to Deal with Shame

           How to Deal with Shame

Shame is a word, a word so powerful!

A word that grips you and makes you cringe inside!

Shame is what makes you hide away.

You get defensive! 

You cover your face, you sob and hold tears in.


Shame makes you not to talk again.

Because the last time talked, you were mocked!

Shame prevents you from sharing your dreams with others again.

 Because the ones you share before haven’t yet fructified.


So, shame makes you stymied, you get stuck!

Shame drains you, saps your energy.

You become emotionally exhausted.

Shame takes the shine off your glow

Shame paralyses you.


If you don’t deal with shame, you can’t become anything.

The author of life faced shame.

He had to despise shame to move forward. 

Shame lives and grows.

Shame reminds you of your inadequacies.

Shame speaks, and the voice of shame is loud. 


Don’t run away in shame.

Because shame wants to rob you of your destiny.

Stand up to your shame.

Set your face like flint!

Move forward!

Share your dreams again. 

Refuse to let shame shut you up.

Don’t be ashamed to face your shame.

Until you have been shamed, you can’t enter your destiny.


Ask the Man of Calvary!

He will tell you about shame.

He will tell you to despise your shame.

He knows how shame shows up to shamify those on a destiny path.

Shame comes to distract you,

To discourage you, to get you bitter so you get off track and get lost.

Refuse to allow shame get you shameful.

Because no life has a success story without shame! 


Shame is only shame when you have done something shameful.

There are many shameful things people do these days.

Because people have lost touch with morality.

Therefore, what seems right to them is right!

And those who think this way don’t have shame!

Their minds are blinded, hearts seared.


Stand up now. Face the shame! Bone-up!

Get on again with what you have to do.

Shamers will hang around.

Shame them by doing the good things that made feel shame.

Determine to overcome shame!

If you desire to enter your destiny.


Jesus Christ faced shame. 

But he despised shame!

Because he did nothing wrong that should bring shame!

Mockers brought him to ridicule and shame.

But he looked them in the face, and despised them.

That’s how he entered his destiny.

Same is applicable to you.



(C) Joseph C. Ibekwe




My name is Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe. Some of my friends like to call me The Creative Coach. You may simply call me ‘Joe’. I’m a passionate about what I do. I love to help people maximize their personal intangible assets. I offer coaching services to three categories of people: leaders, career professionals and authors. If you are an aspiring author, I will like to help you with your book writing, publishing, and marketing. I will be glad work with you to the point where you are able to make a decent living from your intellectual products. I am a self-publishing author. Originally, I am a journalist of more than 25 years experience. I have helped many people to become self-published authors.

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