Make more from Books

You can make more from your books



Are you currently working on any book presently?

What’s your proposed title?

Are you doing a fiction or nonfiction?

Usually, it’s easier to create courses from nonfiction books than fiction books.

It’s easier to transform a nonfiction book into film/movie or screen play than a nonfiction.

For each type of book you write, there are other products that can be created out of them.

These other products are what authorpreneurs look out for.

*My testimony*

👑In this lock down period, 70% of personal income has come from my books, yet I don’t travel that much.

🔑*Your turn*

You can make your books become your stress less residual income. It’s takes some initial hard-working and sustained creative, targeting marketing strategies.

📝Enjoy your author journey….


Joseph C. Ibekwe




🕹️There is something about books. They have life of there own.


You have to active this life and transform it into economy power for us.


Very important🚿

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