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Many potential authors are often scared of book writing because they don’t know how to get started. In this podcast, I give you a simple technique that will help you do what have always desired to do.

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I’m Joseph Ibekwe, the lead coach at The Joseph Coaching International – JCI.

I’m a journalist and non-fiction author of more than 7 books. I’m also a leadership consultant at Fled International Institute in Abuja, Nigeria.

As a former journalist with the Daily Times Newspaper in the 1990s, I specialized in writing science-oriented articles. I focused on writing articles about technology, the environment, health, and agriculture. I learned early to write articles that will attract the attention of my readers and inspire them to take action based on what they have read.

When I left the mainstream journalism, I began to host Book Writing courses for individuals that wanted to write books, but didn’t know how to get started. In the past 20 years, several professionals have attended my Book Writing course, and many of them have gone on to become authors in their own rights.

Interestingly, over these years, I have come across a common challenge among potential authors. It is the challenge of finding an easy way to create a book.
I want to address this challenge in as simple a manner as possible. That is the reason I’m writing this piece to help you, in case you are facing similar challenge in your writing career. I will address the challenge through a simple process of FAQ – I will explain what FAQ means, but before I get into it, if you are potential author, and you have not taken any course on Book Writing, then I invite you to enrol in my Monthly Book Writing & Self-Publishing Course. Visit to express your interest and we will get back to you immediately.

There are secrets in every trade, profession, or practice. These secrets are the tiny details about that trade, profession or practice that are very important for the success of people in that area of endeavour. These secrets are known only to those directly involved in them. This applies to Book Writing.

That is why we offer course on Book Writing to share these secrets with you that truly desire to write a book or books of your own, but you don’t know how to get started.
There are many secrets associated with book writing. One of these secrets is how to create a book by following a simple technique called Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ.

What is FAQ?
I will tell you.

Every book, particularly, non-fiction books, is written with intention to provide solution to specific problem people face. In the first place, books should be written to solve people’s problems – and the greatest problem of people is ignorance of things.

As an author, you want to write a book that will help people solve problem about a certain issue they face. But how do you start?
This is where FAQ comes in to help you to organize your knowledge and present it in a logical manner that your reader can flow with.

What you need to do is sit down to make a list of the most common questions associated with the issue you want to write about. You could start by asking the following questions:

  1. What is the issue or the problem here?
  2. Why do people have this issue or problem?
  3. What causes this problem?
  4. How does this problem affect people lives or what are the major effects of this problem on people
  5. What are the different ways people have sought to solve this problem
  6. How has their approach work for them?
  7. What approach are you offering in this book
  8. How is your approach different and why?
  9. What should people do with what you want to present in your book
  10. How should your reader apply your approach to solve their problem?
  11. What results should your readers expect from applying your approach?

Once you finish listing these questions, you have a raw table of contents for your new book. The next thing is to begin to search out answers to each of them. You gather materials around each of the questions and organize them into a coherent piece. Before you know it, you have written your book.

With this approach, you can see that writing a book is not as complex and difficult as you have always imagined.

If you need to know about the other secrets around book writing, I invite you to sign up for my monthly Book Wring & Self-publishing Course. Visit right now to express your interest.

Joseph Ibekwe
Author Coach & Trainer



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